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What is smallbiogas?

smallBIOGAS is a web application that allows you to analyze the technical, economical and environmental feasibility of small-scale biogas plants. To this effect, the tool generates a comprehensive report that will serve you in making decisions.

Viability report

As end result, smallBIOGAS generates a complete technical report that allows you to analyze the viability of a small-scale biogas plant and that will serve to support decision making.
Indicate intended use of digestate

Once the biogas has been generated, there is an output material called digestate, nutrient-rich (nitrogen, phosphor, etc.) that it can be recycled for agricultural use. smallBIOGAS will give you the chance to select the case that applies to your plant.
Indicate intended use of biogas

We need to include in the analysis the intended use of the resulting biogas (heating, use as vehicle fuel, electricity, etc.). Please, choose the option that you consider the most appropriate based on your profile and smallbiogas will take care of the rest.
Select the substrate or waste

The system gives you the chance to select the type and amount of substrate provided. This material is the raw material for biogas production.